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Know Your Customer Policy

We guarantee our clients privacy and security

“Know Your Client” (“KYC”) banking regulations that financial institutions and other regulated companies must follow to identify their customers and obtain the relevant information necessary to establish financial business relationships with them.

  1. Definition and meaning

In this Know Your Customer (“KYC”) document, the following words shall have the meaning ascribed to them accordingly:

“KYC” stands for “Know Your Customer Policy”

Stratogon refers to the company ESCROW INTERNATIONAL SERVICE.

  1. What is KYC?

It is related practices are especially relevant in user and clients relationships with business. It is the first step in a customer relationship with a company. It’s importance in relation to customer onboarding, its relationship with identity fraud and AML controls as well as IRS regulatory standards, make Know Your Customer, or KYC, one of the main challenges that companies and institutions belonging to any area face.

  1. Required information

KYC consists of two components – Personality and Address. Each person wishing to open an account must provide identity documents and proof of residential address.

Required documents:

  1. Identity card or passport.
  2. Utility bill or bank statement not more than six (6) months old (to verify address).
  3. A copy of the credit card used for the deposit.
  4. The front side of the card, on which the last 4 digits of the number, expiration date and full name are visible.
  5. Back side of the card with your signature and hidden first 12 digits of the card number and CVV code.

4. Objectives of the KYC policy

The main task of KYC is to prevent criminals from using the Company to carry out money by laundering operations.

Providing the Company with information about the customers and their financial transactions helps to easily manage risks.

Implement sufficient controls to identify and report suspicious and/or potentially illegal activities in accordance with applicable laws and procedures.

  1. The importance of adhering to KYC policy procedures

The KYC procedure is a part of anti-money laundering laws that are designed to prevent illegal and criminal activities from generating profits.

  1. How to send your documents

Please make scan-copies or high-quality photos of your documents, save the images in jpeg format and send them to this email address: [email protected] or call us +441313857110.

  1. Confidentiality

Stratogon is committed to protect your privacy. All information you provide is confidential. We collect personal information from customers in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations. We do not share your information with third parties.