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Privacy Policy

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Stratogon (hereinafter referred to as the “Company” – refers to the company ESCROW INTERNATIONAL SERVICE.) prioritizes the confidentiality and security of clients’ personal data.
Clients should read, understand, and accept the terms of the Privacy Policy, as well as any other relevant policies, before soliciting the provision of Services from the Company.
The Company employs strong security measures to prevent any loss, misuse, or unauthorized access and handling of information by third-parties. Information solicited and collected by the Company in order to fulfill its obligations to clients is held on guarded Softwares, and handled by trained and authorized employees of the Company only. The Company does not sell client information.
This Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as “Policy”) applies to personal information that is solicited and collected by the Company via the Company’s official website, as well as any other affiliated websites and applications.
The Company is not responsible for privacy policies of platforms and websites operated by third parties, with which the Company may associate. The Company strongly suggests clients review the Privacy Policy of such third-party websites and organizations, which the Client may have accessed by referral from the Company.

This Policy explains the type of information solicited and collected by the Company, what such information is used for, and measures the Company takes to maintain the security and confidentiality of information in its possession.

The Company solicits and collects the following information about clients:

(a) Identification information;
(b) Financial information;
(c) Contact Information, etc.

Information that the Company collects automatically, such as:

(a) IP address;
(b) Device type;
(c) Browser type, etc.

The may Company solicit and collect your personal data for the following purposes:

(a) To fulfill its obligations in the provision of Services to you as the Client;
(b) Managing risk and Company security measures;
(c) In compliance with AML/KYC/CFT policies, as well as any other applicable law and regulation;
(d) For the purposes of improving Client experience with the Company’s website and platform.

In the event that it is required of the Company, the Company reserves the right to disclose your personal information to relevant authorities. The Company applies all appropriate security measures, in respect of Client confidentiality and security. In particular, the Company:

– Stores Client personal data on secure servers;
– Uses encrypted transmission links;
– Uses other firewalls, personal authentication systems, and access control mechanisms;
– Reviews and updates available methods of security, information collection, processing, and storage;
– Trains employees in respect of confidentiality procedures, maintaining security, and general handling of Client personal data.

Client personal data will only be held by the Company as long as there is an active Agreement between the Company and the Client, or as is legally necessary.